Saturday, October 4, 2008

September Goals Evaluated

I'm a few days late in evaluating my September goals. They were:

1. Establish morning and evening routines for both home and work. Routines will help simplify and de-stress my mornings. The morning and evening routines have not become habits yet--keep working on these.
2. Pay off CC1 ($925). I was able to pay $680 t0 CC1 in September. I'll finish it off this week!
3. Investigate membership class at church. I went to the membership class, but have not taken further steps or made a decision.

Making goals and updating them is helpful to me in making financial and personal progress. In October, I want to add goals (not too many) in different areas of my life to facilitate change.


Anonymous said...

Hey RTC!!

Even though you're reaching your goals a little late, I think you've done really well.

Your CC1 debt is about to disappear, that is a great achievement. I hope you're going to write a post on the day it happens. :)

What are your goals for October?

Take care & keep it up!

Jennifer said...

Great idea to list and evaluate your goals. Looks like you're doing a really good job. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)kfmbs

RTC said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Francois and Jennifer.
I'm still working on setting October goals! I'm a little late!