Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rain is coming down and expenses are going up!

I'm still tracking my actual expenses with YNAB and they have been increasing. Last month, I spent 11% over budget. I overspent in just about every category except eating out. I went over in the basics like groceries and gasoline, as well as gifts, miscellaneous and house projects. With the increase in my spending came a corresponding decrease in debt repayment. It feels a little like my spending is out of control--things like AP test fees, doctor bills.
I'm starting to see that my beginning budget was not very realistic about unexpected expenses.

I hope the sun shines soon!


Jolie said...

The beauty of a budget is that it is not set in stone but rather a work in progress. Most professionals say it takes at least 6 months to get an accurate read on regular expenses to get a functional budget. You can do it!!

Sharon said...

April was a huge budget buster for me! YNAB became obsolete for that month...I need to get back on track for sure!

The sun came out today! (at least for a short while!) :)

jpkittie said...

Bummer! You will have that though --- just move things around until you find it works for you! or monthly as your needs change! That is what I have been doing lately - just working a monthly budget (all revised at the beginning of the month)

You can do it!!!

MoneyFunk said...

Tis all a journey. It seems a few of us have 'slacked' on our journey. But, I am beginning once again to feel energized.

Least you realize where you are overbudget and what is causing it. That's half the battle. ;)