Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Earn More Goals

Even though September is a very busy month for me, I going to make several goals for the Earn More Challenge. I plan to learn from the other participants and hopefully add some $$ to September's budget. I'm going to keep my goals modest and practical:

  • Collect snowflakes--reimbursement from school and medical savings account

  • Post on Craig's list--2 window air conditioners

  • Inquire about teaching another class next semester and about summer job

I think that's all for right now. These seem doable and not overwhelming!

Thank you, Money Funk, for the great challenge for September! It should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Good luck RTC. I'm finding it really motivating doing this all together

Laura move to portugal :)

Money Funk said...

I thrive on being busy. lol.

I hope you make a great sale on those airconditioners. And it is a doable goal. Don't overwhelm yourself though... success can also come from realizing your goals and getting your ducks lined up in a row. :D

Mrs. Smith said...

Good Luck-I'm sure A/C sell quickly on craigslist!

Jennifer said...

Love your list of manageable goals. I need to set some myself . . .