Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Month Later ...

Because of computer problems, it's been almost a month since my last post. I've been able to read other blogs for 5-10 minutes at a time, but if I would try to comment or post, my computer would freeze. No fun.
Quick update on my goals:
1. Pay off credit card ($1125) by March 31. (I think this will be possible with income tax refund and $$ from 2nd job)
2. Pay off car by Oct. 31. On track
3. Save a one-month buffer.($2500) (Emergency fund took a hit because of $700 car repair. Will rebuild with $$ from FSA.)
4. Get a part-time summer job. Got it! This will really help pay off the car and save the buffer.
1. Establish a daily exercise routine. (Not going well. 2x a week instead of daily.
2. Lose 15 pounds by June 1 (3 pounds/month) Lost 3 lbs then gained it back
3. Volunteer 30 hours with Master Gardeners by June 1 There are opportunities to volunteer in March.
4. Find a place to serve in church. Not yet.

Since the financial goals are coming along and should be on autopilot as long as I don't increase spending, it's time to refocus on the personal goals for a while.


Sharon said...

Looks like you are doing great! I've missed you! Hopefully your computer is now up and running! :)

RTC said...

Thanks, Sharon. I using a borrowed computer for now. I've enjoyed your snow pictures. Have you had enough?

Francois Viljoen said...

RTC I haven't been here in ages.

I really am impressed. Not with your goals for 2010, but with how well you've kept setting goals persuing them.

I love the debt tickers - they tell the whole story ($12575 paid!!! AMAZING!!!).

Well done RTC!!!! :)

RTC said...

Thank you, Francois. Great to hear from you!