Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu for Jan 18-24

I forgot to post last week's menus, so I'm recycling some of them and adding a few new ones

navy beans, cornbread

lemon pasta with chicken (Thanks, MoneyFunk, for the idea)

Pepperoni roll log

Taco style lentils and brown rice

scrambled eggs, bacon

cheese burgers


I start teaching two nights this week, so I need fast meals or ones that I can prepare in advance.


Money Funk said...

Mmmm....lentil tacos are so good. I just use the taco seasoning I buy from Costco to add some spice. And boy, are they a great sub for greasy, red meat tacos. ;) Although, I've never put brown rice in mine. I bet that would be tasty. I also love black bean tacos, too.

The pepperoni roll log...interesting. I think my kids would like that. Thank you. I'll have to try that.

BTW, I like your goal for a one month buffer. You'll manage hitting that goal - I feel it. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds very very yummy!