Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals for 2010, Part 2

Yesterday's review of my 2009 goals was a little discouraging for me, but I'm looking ahead with optimism. I can learn from my past missteps and keep moving in the right direction, enjoying the journey along the way. This journey is my life, so I'd better be enjoying it!

Lessons I'm learning:

1. I have put several financial right steps in place--a spending plan and tracking, but I still have to pay attention to them. Finances shouldn't take as much energy as in the past; I just need to keep to my routines (eg. menu planning, sinking funds)

2. I should plan to reward myself for met goals.

3. I should evaluate my progress more frequently. (Monthly mini-goals?)

4. Blogging helps keep me accountable.

5. Making separate personal and financial goals is a good idea for me, but I need to limit the number of goals.

I feel better. Now on to 2010!


jpkittie said...

I am with you on blogging - it does keep you accountable! Also, I am a big fan on rewarding yourself... I need to start doing that too!! What will you reward yourself with?

Sharon said...

I agree with limiting the amount of goals, at least so that you can concentrate on the one's that are really important.

I'm struggling with this myself! I've made a few financial goals, but I would really like to make some personal ones as well..I agree, sometimes the finances take up a bit too much energy....