Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals, Part I

Before I can look ahead to 2010, I must look back and evaluate my 2009 goals. I've really been dreading doing this. I really dropped the ball on the financial goals. Here goes:

Financial goals

1.Track spending with YNAB weekly (Grade: B+. I really liked keeping track of my income and expenses. I now have realistic numbers for my budget. I lost track one time in the spring, though and couldn't figure out my mistake)
2. Begin sinking fund account. Keep in checking account. (Grade B-. Got off track with my summer pay. I hopefully have corrected this for 2010. )
3. Pay off $6000 in credit cards by Dec 1 (Grade: C-. I owe $1125 on the CC, but $2725 on the car. Since the total $3850 is less than $6000, I'm giving myself a barely passing grade)
4. Save emergency fund of $1600 by Dec 31
(Grade D-. I have $550 in the EF, so I'm less than half way to my goal, and I have less than last year,)

Personal Goals
1. Work out or walk (1 mile) 2x week (Grade: C-) I did really well on this during the spring and summer, but since school started in Sept., I have been a couch potato!


Walk Gretsky every day (Grade: B. Some "walks" were too short)

3. Do Flylady routines (Grade: D. Forgot about these during the summer.)
4. Bible study (Grade: B. I joined two small groups, which I really like. )
5. Learn something new (Grade: B+. I became a Master Gardener this year and have volunteered with them a few times)
6. Compost bin/garden (Grade: C. I started the compost bin and garden, but didn't protect the tomatoes from the deer, so the yield was poor)
7. Monthly house project (Grade: B. Projects completed: paint touch-up in DR and LR, DR curtains and mirror, bathroom repaired and painted, flowers for deck and front porch, landscaping started (1/4 done), refrigerator and range replaced, kitchen cabinet pulls replaced. I didn't complete as many projects as I wanted, but I am very pleased with what's been done.)

Yep, it's as bad as I thought. Overall grade: C-. I'll have to ponder this a little more before I commit to goals for 2010.


jpkittie said...

that is great to look at your past goals & to help those set your new goals.... I know that for me, if I set the bar too high, I will say 'forget it' about a month in & get nothing accomplished!

RTC said...

I think I did set the bar a little too high for finances. Life got in the way! I'm trying to find that balance between being responsible and enjoying the present!