Friday, September 5, 2008

Cross-country races and exciting family plans

This has been an exciting week for my family. My 16 year-old son is a cross-country runner and this week, he finished very well in two races, 6th in one and 4th in the other. These are his highest ranking finishes so far. This week-end is a huge race 3 hours away. He would be very happy with a top 10 finish. I'm going to try to take pictures!
Other news, my daughter and son-in-law moved in with us while their house is being built. It's really fun having them around.
I'm off to visit my parents and go with them to the CC race. I will update the goals and financial picture later in the weekend.

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renee said...

I'm sure that he will get a top 5 finish ;) I can't wait to hear how he does this weekend! I wish him good luck!

I wish that my stepson and his wife were closer...she is going to have a baby in December and I wish they were closer.