Monday, September 22, 2008

Recovering and Week 4 Updates

It has been over a week since my last post. It was quite a busy week, plus I was dealing with a nasty cold that was making the rounds at our school. I struggled to teach each day and then come home and collapse. I'm telling myself that since I caught this cold so early in the school year, I'll probably be immune for the rest of the year ;-). Enough complaining, on to the updates.
September Goals
1. Establish morning and evening routines for both home and work. Even though I have not been vigilant with my morning and evening routines, I have still been getting to school early. DD1 gets the credit for helping me get out of the house in the morning. She packs my lunch and gets DS up. I will renew my efforts this week to keep up the morning and evening routines. I won't always have DD1 living with me!
2. Pay off CC1 ($925). I have paid $690 to this credit card in September. I don't think I will be able to pay more. The reason for the miscalculation is that my part-time job at the local community college changed the pay schedule, so I brought in $200 than I had planned. Even so, I haven't completely given up paying this one off in September.
3. Investigate membership class at church. I attended the membership class to find out more about the theology and mission of the church. I think the theology is a good fit for me and I love the worship services. The main obstacle to joining, is that the church is 35 minutes away. I don't change easily, so I am reluctant to commit in case the distance would prove daunting. Next step-sign up for a small group to determine if I like that aspect. I don't change easily so I am extra cautious (maybe too cautious) in commitment.

Focus for the next week:
1. Concentrate on morning and evening routines. Decide which to keep for next month.
2. Pay more on CC2 if more money comes in.
3. Sign up online for a small group at church by Friday.

Evaluating monthly goals is motivating for me. I enjoy reading the goals and update of other bloggers, also. Some bloggers I follow who update goals frequently are Notes from the Frugal Trenches, Paid it Down, Paradigm Shifted, and Renee. Check them out and cheer them on!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link! i find updating goals regularly helps keep them in my memory.

as for your #3 - here's a question: if you take the plunge and sign up, what's the worse that will happen? sometimes big change is just what we need. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey RTC!!

Good to get another update!

I think you've done very well, even if you don't manage to pay off CC1 completely this month.

Good luck with your big changes and your decision about joining the new church. You have a valid concern - 35 minutes is quite far. But it'll only be once a week?

Take care & God bless!!


jpkittie said...

good luck with your goals - hope you are feeling much better!

Jolie said...

Every little bite at the debt puts you one step closer to being able to use that money for something else, and it is showing you that there are some things we can learn to take control of in this crazy world of ours. The Theology classes sound great. Education, spirituality plus a possible new church community. A very exciting possibility!

RTC said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everybody!