Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Challege!

Francois, at Liberta, has issued the Liberta Financial Freedom Challenge, a challenge to become debt free and then, to also become financially free. The Challenge involves several steps, including making a plan, charting progress and sharing the journey. Check out the entire Challenge; it's pretty neat!
I decided to accept the challenge when I read Francois description of "How a Blog help me to become financially free?" His explanation fit almost exactly with my purpose for starting this blog 10 days ago. His points are clear and succinct. A blog provides: planning, accountability, anonymity, a support network and a way to help others.
I recently discovered Francois's blog and have been enjoying reading his posts. There is a lot of information there!
Think about joining the Financial Freedom Challenge!


Francois Viljoen said...

Hi RTC!!

Welcome to the Liberta Financial Freedom Support Network!

I've added your blog to the list. Please feel free to let me know if you want me to change or update the description.

Good luck on your journey!

Take care & may God bless you greatly,


Anonymous said...


Great to see you as part of the challenge.

I'am inpressed with your blogs layout

RTC said...

Thanks for stopping by, Riann.

natedavidscott said...

RTC, awesome to see your excitement! ready to change indeed sums it all up. glad to be a part of the Liberta FF Challenge and Support Network. i'm subscribing so i don't miss all the updates.
my wife and I (and my mom) are big Flylady fans too. :)