Sunday, August 24, 2008

FLYLady Routines

I am a FLYLady fan. Her website has a lot of information and encouragement for those of us who have trouble getting organized. One of her suggestions is to establish morning and evening routines. Eventually, these routines will become automatic. She even gives examples of her routines, to help get you started. I've been trying morning and evening routines (on and off) for a few months, so I have a starting point for my September goals.

My morning routine:

  1. Shower and dress

  2. Make bed

  3. Unload dishwasher

  4. Eat and take blood pressure medicine

  5. Devotional

  6. Feed pets

  7. Straighten bathroom

My evening routine:

  1. Shine sink

  2. Plan outfit for tomorrow

  3. Brush teeth

  4. Take contacts out

I also made a routine list for work--items to start and end every day. I may make a chart to record my progress each day. This will let me see where the problems are with a little more clarity.


renee said...

I have decided to do something about the clutter in my house finally. I had enough when I could not take a picture in my house that I was ok with showing to people...enough is enough! I have decided to start flylady and take before and after pictures of different parts of my house until it's all "picture perfect" ;)

RTC said...

Great idea, Renee. I'll let you know how it goes--maybe one room at a time!