Sunday, August 17, 2008


Change has always been difficult for me. I have had several major changes in my life over the past few years and have decided to become more proactive in managing those changes. This blog is a baby step in that endeavor.

My goal in writing this blog is to track my journey out of debt, while learning more about personal finance and investing along the way. Milestones in my debt-free journey so far:

  • June 2007 - read Total Money Makeover

  • July 2007 - made a budget and started trying to live within my income (instead of using credit cards for food and gas)

  • August 2007 - debt $13,770. (Not counting mortgage)

  • Sept.-Dec. 2007- began paying down debt

  • Jan. 2008 - discovered the world of personal finance blogs

  • Feb. - August 2008 - continue paying debt

Reading personal finance blogs has encouraged me greatly over the past eight months. (Thank you, PF bloggers : )) I'm hoping that by writing about my successes and failures, I will get a new shot of energy to keep me on track.

Thanks for walking with me!


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Keep walking!