Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snowflaking goal

I have trouble with snowflaking. If extra money comes in, I want to spend it, not put it toward debt. The trouble is, sometimes I spend it two or three times in my head, so by the time the money actually comes in, I have spent way too much. I need an attitude adjustment. Let me see if I can talk myself into it.
My new, improved view on using extra money wisely includes acknowledging that paying off debt and planning ahead is a reward for me, because these actions will reduce future stress and in the long run, greatly improve my quality of life. To implement my new snowflake view, I will concentrate on three pending flakes that I need to follow through on. They are:
1. A reimbursement from my employer for a class. I need to find my receipt and send a letter to Mr. D.
2. A reimbursement from my medical savings account. I need to find my receipts, complete the form and mail it.
3. A payment from my insurance company. I need to print the form from the website and complete it.
When these payments come in, I will put them in my emergency fund. To make myself accountable, I will post on the outcomes by September 15.

I saw on Finding Financial Peace something that I think would be useful for me. Jennifer has her goals listed on the side of blog. I think it would help me focus to see those goals everyday. Good idea, Jennifer!

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