Monday, January 5, 2009

Plumbing Solutions Cost $$$

I got an estimate today to have my kitchen sink repaired. I need a new garbage disposal, a new faucet and new pipes beneath the sink. I'm going to buy the faucet and disposal and the "handyman" is going to install them. I think the cost of installation is pretty reasonable, $100.
I've been pricing disposals online and it looks like there are three categories: low price (1/2 HP), medium price (has sound insulation, 3/4 HP), high price (1HP, "whisper quiet"). I'm thinking that the medium price one will be best. Does anyone have any information about disposals?
I will pay for the repairs with my debt snowball, so I will be sending less to the credit cards this month, but the balance still be going in the right direction--down!

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Ms. MoneyChat said...

lucky you and me, i'm having a plumber come by on wednesday to check the toilet in my 2nd bathroom because it runs constantly unless i turn the valve off.