Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Week 1 Update

Time for a weekly progress report on my goals. I think weekly checks will help keep me on track.

Track spending with YNAB weekly. I'm really enjoying keeping track of my spending with YNAB. I enter my spending amounts and YNAB automatically updates my budget, so I can see at a glance how I'm doing. If I overspend in one category, like the house repairs, then I am reducing another category, like CC payment :(
Begin sinking fund account--transfer to ING by March . $50 in it so far.
Pay off $6000 in credit cards by July 1 Already behind on my goal of $900/month because of plumbing repairs.
Save emergency fund of $3600 by
Dec 31 At $890.

Work out or walk (1 mile) 2x week. Yes!
Walk Gretsky every day. Yes!
Do Flylady routines. About 60%.
Bible study. Not yet
Learn something new. Not yet
Compost bin/garden Not yet
Monthly house project. Getting the kitchen and bathroom sink repaired was costly, so this month's project will be recovering 2 dining room chairs (today!), because I already have the materials.

I just remembered that I need to send in for reimbursements from my medical savings account. Maybe I can meet (or at least get closer) to my goal of $900 CC payments!

For next week: Focus on Flylady routines. Life is fun!


J. Money said...

tracking is one of the BEST things anyone can do to stay on top of it all - so GOOD for you :) i've heard great things about YNAB too, but actually haven't used it myself as yet...

Ethically Chic said...

You are doing so well on your personal goals--you just motivated me to walk my dogs--right now!

RTC said...

Thanks, J. Money and Ethically Chic for the positive comments. I really like the way YNAB brings together my data. I've tried tracked spending before but didn't change my spending.
I just subscribed to both your blogs. I look forward to learning more from both of you.