Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Update- Week 2

Track spending with YNAB weekly. Check.
Begin sinking fund account-transfer to ING by March. I'm keeping my funds in checking because of the 5% interest rate
Pay off $6000 in credit cards by July 1 Send in MSA.

Save emergency fund of $3600 by Dec 31 At $890.

Work out or walk (1 mile) 2x week. I will revise this. I need to do more.
Walk Gretsky every day. Yes! Even in the bitter cold!
Do Flylady routines. About 60%. Keep working on it.
Bible study. Not yet
Learn something new. Not yet--join astronomy club
Compost bin/garden Not yet
Monthly house project. Not yet--recover chairs, put up basement curtains.

Frugal Trenches has inspired me with her post on frugal shopping and soup menus.
New practical goal: Make soup once a week!

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done on your progress so far my dear, keep up the good work!!