Friday, August 14, 2009

Better Results in Week 2

Spending has been much better this week--updates on sidebar. I've only spent $5 on groceries and $25 on gasoline. I haven't done the grocery shopping for the upcoming week, but I'm confident that I can keep it close to $45.

Making and following a meal plan really helped. Why don't I do this every week?
The meal plan for next week is almost complete. I just need another easy chicken recipe.

Looking at my totals, I'll still have to be careful for the next two weeks, but I think I can make it under budget in most categories.


Anonymous said...

That's great! Those numbers are fantastic. I don't know if I could get my husband to sign up for those small numbers. Heh.

McCarthyCOH said...

I am always raving about this recipe. So yummy.

And last week's lemon chicken came out real good, too!

I know you can succeed in this Spend Less month!

Anonymous said...

Well done you!

Sharon said...

AWESOME! You get two gold stars! :)

RTC said...

@Cynthia, Your husband would probably not be happy with low numbers. Men tend to like to eat!
@McCarthyCOH, Thank you for the link. I'm trying it tonight!
Thanks, FT and Sharon. I love gold stars!