Thursday, August 6, 2009

Money Mistake

I just discovered that I missed paying my water payment this month. It is now 6 days late, which is really too bad because the city really has a steep penalty (like $15). I'm not sure how I messed up. I've been paying my utilities online since January and I was certain that I had scheduled the payment to be processed last week. I was pretty busy last week and didn't check my balance closely. When I looked this morning, my bank balance was more than YNaB said it should be. When I checked the online payment history, I was appalled. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I have a plan to prevent future mistakes:

1. Schedule all my online payments by the 10th of each month, since most of the bills arrive during the 1st week.

2. Double check the bank on the 15th (payday) to make sure everything is in order.


Anonymous said...

So sorry! Things like that are so frustratinG!

Sharon said...

I've done this several times with my cell phone bill. The bill is different every month so I wait before paying online...and then, well, life happens and I forget to do it.

I hope your penalty is not too steep!

Anonymous said...

you should see if they'll waive the fee if this is the first time you've ever been late. worth a try! I was once out of the country and my online bill didn't post. when I got back, I called and explained and the fee was removed! good luck