Monday, August 17, 2009

One year Blog-a-versary

My first post on this blog was exactly one year ago. I am so glad that I started this blog to stay motivated in reducing debt. It really helps! One year ago, I was $6975 in debt, now I owe $1970. Over $5000 paid. Yay!

This has been a year of big changes for me--selling the family home, buying a new smaller house, DD and DSIL moving in while building. These are all good things. I like having a little chronicle of the year on my blog.

The coming year will be exciting as well. I should become debt-free (except mortgage)!!! DS is beginning his senior year in high school and DD 21 is in her senior year of college. Lots of life to enjoy now while staying financially responsible.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I have learned so much from your comments and blogs. Let's start Year 2!
What about you? What exciting changes are on your horizon?


Saving Savy Pinkey said...

Hey Congrates!
Wish You such wonderful and debt free year ahead. I have just started now. Its Miles to Go... :)

Jolie said...

Congrats on your blog-a-versary!!! You're not far behind me at all. You've made wonderful progress this year and learned so much. Here's to a great year 2.

Miss M said...

Congratulations, a lot of bloggers quit before the first year is over. I'm glad you are still here chronicling your journey. Lots of luck with the year to come, getting out of debt and with starting the next chapter of your financial life.

Sharon said...

Congrats on your one year! You've come a long way! Wow! $5,000.00!!! That's awesome!

RTC said...

Thanks, guys for celebrating with me.
@SS Pinkey, Stay with it. It goes faster than you think.

Ms. MoneyChat said...

congrats on both the blog-a-versary and the debt payoff. keep up the great work, you'll be debt free except mortgage in no time!

Money Funk said...

That is fabulous job done on paying down that debt! Happy 1st blogversary! And hope you keep on bloggin'.

So, do you have plans for PIF the mortgage in fast forward when the debt is gone? Or going to enjoy and take care of indulging in cost friendly pleasures after a job well done?

Keep up the great work! Total inspiration.

RTC said...

@ Money Chat
I'm going to keep at it. It is taking longer than I thought to get rid of this debt, but I'm very close now--just a few months.
after the debt is gone, I'm going to start saving--emergency fund and a car, but I'm also going to loosen the budget a bit.

Shopping Ethically said...

Happy blog-a-versary!! I can't wait to go through year 2 with you!

RTC said...

I'm glad you are here!

Leigh in Tennessee said...

Congrats! You've made a huge dent in your debt over the last year.