Monday, August 10, 2009

What happened in Week 1?

I made a side bar to update my progress in the "Low Spend August" goal. On the surface, it looks pretty bad. I'm in the red in two categories and have spent more than half my grocery allocation. The good news is that I will get reimbursed for the school expense (not until October), and I have groceries for the whole week ahead (except more milk and fruit).

What I learned:
  • I've been pretty unfocused this week in a lot of areas, including meal planning. Being unfocused costs money.

  • I spend a lot on snacks (popcorn, chips) and drinks (Gatorade)

  • I probably should make a new budget category for "fun". The spending in miscellaneous was for an inner tube for the "First Annual River Float" on Friday afternoon. Seven of us floated down the river for five hours, with drinks and snacks. It was too fun to pass up. Floating in the water on a hot summer day is in my top three favorite things to do list.

  • Budgeting for gifts is working pretty well for me. This is an area I tend to overspend on, so deciding in advance how much I will spend is crucial for me. This month is DSIL's birthday.

I think that planning meals for the coming weeks will still allow me to finish within budget for the month, but it will take focus (and low cost snacks).


jpkittie said...

That isn't too bad - you can do it!!! That sounds like a blast (floating down the river!)

good luck this week

Sharon said...

I would have LOVED the first annual river float. I'm glad you didn't miss it. You are actually aware of your spending more than you probably could have spent a lot more!

As far as the grocery budget, well, it looks like both of us will be eating rice and beans on Week 4! :)

Miss M said...

The river float sounds fun! Good luck with the budget challenge, I regularly go overboard with the snacks and drinks. I figure we scrimp in so many other areas, the chips and soda aren't going to break the budget.