Friday, August 7, 2009

Dodging Murphy

Murphy has been trailing my car for a few weeks. First, a tire was low, so we put air in it. Next, one headlight wasn't working. I thought I would have to replace the bulb, but when I looked, the bulb had fallen out of the socket. The bulb was extremely hot and melted the plastic covering on some wires. After turning off the lights, I finally got the light into the socket and covered the wires with electrical tape. Crisis 1 averted.

Yesterday, the tire problem resurfaced . The right left tire was almost completely flat-much too low to drive to the tire shop. With no other option, my son and I took off the flat and replaced it with the mini-spare. The local tire shop is only 5 minutes away, so I immediately took the car there, thinking I would have to buy two new tires. I had already decided to take the money from the emergency fund. I was ecstatic when the cost was $15. The tire had a staple in it, so they plugged it and put air in the tire. Crisis 2--not too bad.

I know that Murphy will eventually visit, but I'm glad to dodge him this time.


jpkittie said...

sweet success!!!!! That is great! Makes you want to get a bit more in savings, huh? (I know when stuff like that happens to me, I feel like i need to get more $ into savings as fast as possible... now actually getting it there is the problem)

Money Funk said...

Very cool to hear it was not a major repair cost. That's a chip off the shoulder.

And now that you know its coming... you can plan. Plus you have your EF to help you, too.

Leigh in Tennessee said...

I really think that Murphy lurks around the corner waiting to strike at the worst possible time. Since you already made plans on how to avert the potential crisis, Murphy decided to take a hike!

That said, one of my short term goals is to set aside the money for new tires. I'm going to need to replace all 4 before the year is out. (Hear that Murphy, I'm saving for the tires already *sticks out tongue*)