Saturday, August 15, 2009

Menu Plan for Week 3

This week's menu looks pretty much like last week. The reason for so much chicken is that boneless chicken breasts are on sale this week at Food Lion. I'm really trying to stay within my budgeted grocery amount.

1. Crock Pot Salsa Chicken , noodles

2. Spaghetti with meat sauce

3. Quesadillas

4. salmon cakes, green beans, mac 'n cheese

5. Homemade pizza, salad

6. Savory Crescent Chicken squares Thank you, McCarthyCOH for the link to this recipe--it sounds really good.

7. Steak hoagies

I think DS will enjoy all of these meals except salmon cakes. He can supplement with left-overs!


Sharon said...

Oh, thank you for reminding me about quesadillas! I'm going to add them to my menu!

Money Funk said...

Oh, tell me how you love them (comment with wrong email account)! Cuz they really are delish! Just remember to cube your chicken small. Not only does it cook faster, but it's easier to stuff.

And if you have time, make the chicken mixture the night before. Saves tons of time for the next day.

Do you have a specific recipe for those salmon cakes?

RTC said...

Hey Christine, I wondered if that was you! The chicken was very good--my son said it was "keeper". We both cleaned our plates. I didn't cube the chicken small enough though--next time.
I don't have a specific recipe for salmon cakes--egg, salt, pepper, Old Bay, sometimes bread crumbs.