Saturday, December 13, 2008

Follow through

I'm having a difficult time finishing tasks. Progress from last week's list:

Letters written, one still needs printed out.

Some payments mailed, two to go

Unpacked 3 bags and 1 box, 9 more to go (mostly books)

Still need to work on basement

Still need to call neighbors

Did laundry, now more needs done

Started Christmas shopping, 3 more gifts to buy

Finished AP audit!

Went to church

Made dinner and 1 batch of cookies (now those are all gone)

Right now--move bookshelf and unpack books, then make a new list


jpkittie said...

making lists --- love them & hate them... after you complete one, you have to start a new one! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey RTC, you bought that house!!

Is it the one on the river side?

Well done on the move, and good luck with the remaining tasks. :)


RTC said...

Yes, I got the house on the river! I'm enjoying getting settled in. I love your summer pictures!

RTC said...

How true! I'm happy about your good news. I hope more is in the mail!