Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey, my post was deleted when I tried to publish it. No idea what I did wrong.

Does anyone have suggestions for a website to help me organize financial papers, photographs, and a nonexistant linen closet? I have less closet space in the new house, so the things I used to stuff in my closet, I now need to find a home for.
Goals for the week:
Work out 2x.
Buy 3 more gifts.
Buy and decorate tree.
Continue unpacking--make a plan.


jpkittie said...

I have 2 small file cabinets in my 'computer room' - and I have a linen closet... hum? Do you have a basement that you could put shelves up?

good goals! how are they coming along?

RTC said...

Thanks for the info. I do have a basement with shelves--I will have to consider the best way to utilize them.
Goals are coming along, none complete but progress on all. Thanks for the encouragement