Friday, December 26, 2008

Help for the debt-free journey

I discovered the personal finance blogging world last year about this time. These are some resources that were helpful to me.

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover opened my eyes to the possibility that I could successfully take control of my finances. Mary Hunt's Debt Proof Living is another website with good information. I recommend checking out books by both authors if you need a vision for your financial future.

Bob at Christianpf has a series on getting out of debt as well as spreadsheets to download.Ncn at nocreditneeded has a series called debt reduction 101.

Lynne at Beingfrugal has practical tips to reduce spending and live within your budget.

The first debt reduction blog I started to read was JW at Need to be debt-free. He and his family have made great progress while dealing with some setbacks along the way.

I have been inspired and encouraged by the other blogs on my side bar, but these were the ones I started with in December 2007. They helped encourage me on my journey in 2008.
I haven't been perfect, but I have made progress in 2008--I have a plan. I have paid $5500 to debt reduction. I have been able to pay for several unexpected expenses without going further in debt.


Jolie said...

The gift of financial self awareness is a huge one. You have found inspiration. You have goals that are attainable. You have a plan. You accept there are slips along the way, and I sense with your posts that you feel better about you by all the steps you are making. Super Job! Here's to a great 2009!

jpkittie said...

You are doing amazing! Good luck in the goals for 09!

RTC said...

Thanks, jp and jolie. Here's to success in 2009!

Save Money said...

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