Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's been six weeks since I've posted, due to Internet problems and moving to a new house. I moved 2 weeks ago and now have Internet again. The move itself took several days and was quite a learning experience. I learned about: epoxy coating a basement floor, Pellet stoves, gas fireplaces, moving companies (there aren't too many left in my town), refinishing wood floors (not doing this now), retraining dogs, and Drilock. I had a lot of needed help during the move: my children and son-in-law, my parents and my friends. They were all fantastic and jumped in where ever they were needed. I love them all!
We are about 75% settled. The kitchen, dining room, living room, DS room, DD1 and DSIL's room are 90% complete, however, my bedroom and bath and the basement still need to be organized. DD2's room in the basement is still to be built.
I'm having trouble mentally organizing my finances. I think that I have paid all the moving expenses, but I don't have a clear picture of what finances at the new house will look like.
The good news is that I haven't added to my overall debt--right now it stands at $6200. I will reduce that by at least $500 more this month.
Financial decisions to make:
Do I pay an additional $500 to CC's or replenish my emergency fund? I have $350 in EF now.
I would like to pay CC's, but with the uncertainty in my budget, I'm not sure that is wise.

Goals for the day:
Type letters
Mail payments
Unpack and organize my bedroom.
Look at basement and decide about Fast Plug
Call neighbors
Laundry--3 loads

Goals for this evening:
Christmas list and planning
Look at AP Physics

Goals for tomorrow:
Make cookies and dinner

It's good to be back!


jpkittie said...

Welcome back! Congrats...

I would definately put towards EF (but that is just my opinion)

hope you get everything you want to do accomplished this weekend

Jolie said...

Good to see you settled in your new home before the holidays begin. A new place for new memories to be created!

Laura @ no more spending said...

Welcome back :)